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Email forwarding 
Your £5.00 per year 
The project 

You Livercool email is simply redirected to your existing email address, This means that you don't have to change a thing.Your Livercool email is registered on a "first come first served" basis, once your name has gone, its gone. The idea of the project is to raise funding for local children's charity KIND. Every name registered will commit to donating £5.00 per year to KIND. 


For those who are thinking...."why pay £5 for an email address" then this project is probably not for you.It shouldnt stop you from donating though.KIND is a children’s charity that believes in the importance of investing in the future-our children. Every year, we work with thousands of children, young people and families across Liverpool and greater Merseyside, developing new and imaginative ways to help them cope with many forms of disadvantage.

The idea for the project started what seems like "back in the day" now. At first it received a lot of media attention and there are quite a few local celebrities and business's who registered. The time has now come to re-launch as  KIND is celebrating 40 years of kindness. There are still a lot of names available and every name registered gets KIND £5 so if you haven't done so already .......

For this project to work then the more people that register the better. if you already have one then pass it on to your friends. If you can help promote the idea then please do so. If you can help get the story run in the local media then that would really help. if you don't require an email then why not donate anyway ?
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